Sydney Solar & Batteries

Sydney Solar and Batteries


Solar batteries are an essential part of a solar power system. They are complex pieces of technology and you need to ensure that you’re using only the best and most compatible batteries with your system.

When it comes to Sydney Solar and Batteries, you’ve got a few options available and while it can be difficult to differentiate between options, Frazer Electrical Group makes this process quick and easy.

Sydney Solar and Batteries

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Failures on the mains energy system can be expected to become more frequent in the years ahead as the population increases and further strain is placed on the system. 

These occurrences will have minimal impact if you have a battery backed solar power system. Solar panels allow you to convert sunlight into electricity, batteries then allow you to store the electricity that the solar panels generate. 


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Frazer Electrical Group is an experienced team of electricians and accredited solar installers based in Sydney’s West. We always provide the highest quality of excellence and workmanship to our customers service.

With over 7 years in the electrical and solar industry ranging in all electrical applications. We offer a range in the electrical field from switchboard upgrades and inspections to solar installations.

The team at Frazer Electrical Group specialise in Solar battery installations, we like to make your experience with us easy and affordable. From designing your system to installing your solar power installation

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