Micro Inverters

Micro Inverters

Micro inverters are a very important and integral part of all solar systems and solar installations we do here at Frazer Electrical Group. A micro inverter is simply that, an inverter of small scale that still packs a punch.

Why do we use solar inverters?

When having solar panels / a solar system installed on your home or business, it is important to be aware that your solar panels on your roof absorb sunlight in the form of Direct Current (DC) power. In order to use this power within your home or business, it must first be transformed into Alternating Current (AC) power and for this reason, underneath all solar panels on your roof, there will be an inverter or micro inverter in our case which will be carrying out this exact task.

Whilst having really high quality solar panels is quite important, it is more so important to invest in quality inverters as they perform such an important role. Choosing an inverter is possibly the most critical decision you will make when going green / changing to solar.

Micro Inverters - Frazer Electrical Group

Why Frazer Electrical Group use Enphase Micro Inverters.

It goes without saying that Enphase is paving the way within the solar inverter market, with their investment in some of the most technologically advanced micro inverters available.

We strongly believe in installing the right product for the right application, however we can confidently say that there is not many roofs that will not benefit from an Enphase inverter. By installing one of these quality inverters, you will be receiving higher production rates, increased reliability over their competitors products and unmatched intelligence and technology.


Increased energy production allowing you to save more.

Enphase inverters are in a league of their own are proven to produce more usable energy than alternative products and technologies.

Some critical features include:

  • Burst technology allows each product to produce more at dawn, dusk and in low light conditions.
  • Theres no need to worry about your whole system falling over due to a dirty panel or a portion of your panels suffering from cloud coverage. A great function and feature of enphase micro inverters is that each individual panel operates individually meaning you can maximise your power output for each individual panel.

The safest solution for your roof.

The Enphase micro inverter range are proven to be a safe and reliable product to be placed on your roof, regardless of the conditions.

An all AC (Alternating Current) system, ensures you eliminate high voltage DC power on your roof. These inverters are the go to solution for schools, hospitals and other government applications as they pass all safety requirements.

How can Frazer Electrical Group assist you?

Here at Frazer Electrical Group, we put a big emphasis on the value of quality. All of our products and installation methods are nothing short of the highest quality and we back that 100%. Frazer Electrical Group offer solar systems for both residential and commercial clients as well as being able to provide general electrical assistance to both types of clientele.

When contracting FEG to install a solar system on your roof, you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving a quality product with warranty, a quality service with warranty and will be working with a genuine group of individuals that are passionate and heavily involved within the renewable energy industry.

Our team will complete your installation in a timely manner, whilst treating your property with the upmost respect and leave your home or business, cleaner than when we arrived.

To start your renewable energy journey, please contact our team on 0408 425 800 or simply complete our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.