5 Unbeatable Enphase Micro Inverter Features

Here is 5 unbeatable Enphase micro inverter
features that you need to know in 2022.

Micro inverter Features

What Are Micro Inverters

Whilst Solar Panels are the first thing you think about when talking Solar Power for your home or business, it’s whats underneath the panel that really makes a difference. Micro Inverters are essentially smaller forms of generic Inverters which are put in place to convert the DC (Direct Current) power into AC (Alternating Current) power which your home or business premises utilises.

Who Is Enphase?

Enphase are a leading supplier of solar components who produce some of the most efficient and technologically advanced products available in todays market. Quality is everything when it comes to Enphase products and it is very rare that you will come across a product that doesnt compare or beat its comparable rivals.

Their purpose? To advance a sustainable future for all.

Fun Fact!
There are more than 42 million Enphase micro inverters on approximately 1.9 million homes in over 130 countries across the globe which continuously assist people to gain access to clean, affordable and reliable energy, all while contributing to a more carbon-free future for man kind.

Enphase Micro Inverter Features

Feature #1 - No Moving Parts

Unlike many different makes of micro inverters, Enphase inverters used by Frazer Electrical Group have no moving parts, which in turn results in better performance and minimised chance of breakage.

Feature #2 - 10 Year Warranty

A 10 Year product repair & replacement warranty puts Enphase and their Micro Inverters in a league of their own. If you have issues with any inverter on your roof that has been installed by an enphase accredited installer, you will be entitled to a repair or replacement.

Feature #3 - Lower Voltage On Your Roof

When using conventional string systems, you can sometimes have a lot of volts running across your roof which come with a series of potential issues including arc-faulting and fire hazards.

when Utilising micro-inverters, you are converting power on a panel level, meaning there is no high voltage currents travelling right across your roof.

Feature #4 - Easy To Use Data Interface

Enphase inverters take advantage of their “MyEnlighten” system which feeds data via an app for you to easily view statistics about your solar system. By providing this breaking edge technology, you will be able to know exactly what your system is producing and alternatively, what your home or business’s energy usage looks like.

Feature #5 - Reliablility Is Key

The individual operation and having one inverter on each panel results in much more reliable and sustainable operation. This same factor enables your system to stay functional should one of our panels or inverters have an issue.

Here is a full list of Enphase micro inverter features


Micro Inverter Features To Know About

How can Frazer Electrical Group assist you?

We believe in using high quality products to produce a high quality outcome and there is no other brand of inverter we would rather use than Enphase. We have been working with Enphase for a number of years now and have recently received the highly sort after “Gold Level Installer” certification, which simply means that Enphase themselves approve of the quality we provide our clients.

When designing your system, our team will show you your options for certain elements and products within your solar system including a premium micro inverter option (Enphase) or a mid range micro inverter option should you have a stringent budget to adhere to.

Be sure to contact our team should you have any questions or queries relating to Enphase micro inverters, specific micro inverter features or any other products / services we offer.