Introducing Handypay For Solar

We've Partnered Up With Handypay

Handypay is an Australian Buy Now, Pay Later and Frazer Electrical Group have teamed up with them to ensure your transition into Solar Power is as seamless and pain free as possible. With the use of simple and affordable payment plan solution, you can now get a whole new system on your roof with no hassles or upfront payments.

How Does Handypay Work?

Step 1: Find The Right Product
Consult with our team to determine the ideal solar solution for your home or business. Things we will consider are your ongoing electricity usage, your recent bills, the angle and orientation of your roof and your budget.

Step 2: Apply For Handipay
Once we have determined your ideal system and provided you with a quote for supply and installation, you will need to apply via our specific Handypay website referral link.

Step 3: Payment Is Processed
Once you have received approval (this generally happens instantly), Handypay will process payment to Frazer Electrical Group and you will receive notification that your payment has been processed successfully.

Step 4: Lock In Installation!
Our team will lock in your install date and you can enjoy your new solar with easy, affordable and flexible payments.

Save Now, Pay Later?

A payment plan that just makes sense.